Summer Vacations


Dear parents

Hi , guess all r bit worried , no schools now bacchas all time at home how to manage. Planning for this or that classes to keep them occupied and few hours away from home types. .
Hold on …pls don’t go for rat race of back to back summer classes .
Let kids be at home in peak temperatures.

They actually don’t want to rush here there for becoming all-rounder or trophy child .
They rather want to stay at home with us . Being together we can identify their interests so…help them in shaping them.

This approach is good for emotional health and overall wellness of family. Let’s make ourselves and kids gadget free for few set hours each day.
Going to park, jogging ,playing ,
Singing ,dancing , story telling, puzzles n much more we can enjoy With them . A bit of yoga meditation inculcating healthy lifestyle.

Taking help in household chores giving them small responsibilities making bed watering plants , helping in preparation plus serving food, filling water bottles and lot many things as per their age group .
That way child learns , feel involved and gain confidence too.
Same way When we involve our children in trip planning, they feel special and preparation time itself gives immense excitement and Joy.
Ask them to prepare provisional list of items to be packed by imagination what’s required. …

Lets make vacations this year memorable and fulfilling with lovely little ones .

Remember time flies , they will soon leave the nest to move ahead for their respective life journeys .
I missed the train ..was busy with … excuse can bring back that time.

Believe me this is golden period in our parenting joys . Cherish moments with colourful lovely butterflies before they r ready to fly. Prepare them to fly to infinite horizon with compassionate warmth and fragrances.

Happppy Summers
Lots of love

Dr Anju mehta

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