Dr. Anju Mehta Mittal is a senior gynecologist, certified counselor, parenting expert and life coach based at Jaipur. She offers and deals in a huge range of counseling services and sessions. 

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Career Counseling

Students end up selecting streams and careers which are not matching with their persona, skill profile and interests
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Student Life

We want to spread the awareness to maximum number, for this we need volunteers as schools college organization to come forward. Who can conduct signature campaign slogans display and short talk. Nurture minds is happily keen to guide and help them in best of our capacity.

Why I started Career Counseling?

Earlier I was not at all inclined towards career counseling assuming it is not much related to psychological wellness and my goals . I was totally wrong. 
This I realized much later after counseling sessions of students and young ones. Infact their presenting issues were like internet addiction, drugs, procrastination, stress, depression, conflicts with parents, poor performance and failures, inability to focus, easy distractions etc.
In majority cases when I explored further, felt that although they are not aware of stream mismatch but down the land that was the trigger. I cleared my doubts by asking them to go for career testing. By such  findings in my clients I concluded that wrong stream choices were the root cause behind large number of adolescent issues. Usual history till class 10 child was doing well thereafter things start worsening… by the time it’s noticeable and disturbing it is  college life or even later. They actually loose Interest in their academic and start wandering towards unhealthy substitutes for instant pleasures. This way once they loose grips, gaps start unable to understand how to handle go more towards pleasures bigger gaps more and more this viciously sets in. They practically give up and waste their time months years.
Not all very few seek expert help and follow counseling sessions to rebuild. I always say there is no wrong time to begin right act. Better late than never. I have seen positive results when we work together on rectifying past mistakes by making newer choices. Once We help them in finding their passion and setting goals of their interests, they definitely start going away from unhealthy ways and become focused towards goals.
This way I learnt that If I want to work towards happiness of young tender minds then I need to master myself on this aspect too. After brainstorming exercise finally I Chose Bodhami as my trainer. Unique design of its career guidance test I found most beneficial. This  makes students understand themselves with  clarity, know better about what fits them and why plus what misfits and why, all scientific and evidence based, with use of AI, right stream selection, career decision. I believe  career counseling can be an important proactive measure toward good future and happier life.

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