Mission HOPE

Merry Christmas to one and all 🎄🎄
Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout the year. My mission HOPE (hold on pain ends, no more Suicides please) budded on September 27, 2018, with an idea to spread awareness, break myths and taboos associated with mental health issues. Whatever I could do was just a drop in ocean yet I believe every drop counts as every single life matters.

It took exactly one year to come up with “Nurture mind studio “.Name I chose as here on the round table I help in painting someone’s life canvas with brushes of empathy, compassion, motivation and psychological tools. How to give cognitive strokes which color or emotions to be erased and kisko highlight karna hai to make one’s life beautiful.
When someone enters with broken crayons and leaves with lovely vibrant painting gives immense satisfaction to me.
Quote of Rick” when we give someone our time, we are giving a portion of our life, the best gift.

In 2020, I wanna reach out and help more and more youths who can not come in person to me for various reasons.
I will try to help them best in my capacity.
Any youth can write to me on my mail ID if he or she feels stress and its related consequences are affecting their life and need the help of counselor.

May this Christmas and New year bring more joys, love, peace, content and overall health in everyone’s life.
Nursery rhyme close to my heart 💚

“Time to be happy is now,
Place to be happy is here and
The way to be happy is to make someone happy and create a little heaven right here .
Lots of love
Dr Anju Mehta mittal

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