Happy women’s day

it’s not for women only, to celebrate.You guys too please come forward talk about women’s achievements feel proud for we the women and support us in our fight for gender equality.step on together on stage , talk openly ,as to fill the gap by unlearning preprimed patriarchal mindset by default, our togetherness is must. Then only we can bring effective scene change, otherwise it’s like just in slogans poses n wishes . Supporting one another in fights is , am sure going to strengthen each and everyone as a whole irrespective of gender. By empathizing about women issues if you too share platforms and talk openly then only we can work for something concrete.At the end it’s going to make our families & societies happier and stronger.

So…dear all I request you to reach out talk out and sort out , begin with home then comes workplaces.
I believe consistent little little mutual changes are going to bring major shift.
Willingness is more important than enforcement.

Not to miss IMD on Nov 19 .One can always turn the side and work for each other as men too are struggling on different page. Chance to subko equal milna chahiye 🤗
Subka sath subka vikas
2020 women’s day theme is gender equality 😀😀

Happy women’s day to all

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