Dear All,
Today let us talk about stress. All of us going through in and out experience of different zones of stress and anxiety. It is okay to be ‘NOT OKAY’. It is okay to at times feel empty, fatigued, not motivated, in doubts, not usual self, mentally exhausted, not seeing any hopes of positive changes, etc etc. What makes more sense is to have first aid for stress with us.

  • To understand and acknowledge the changes in thoughts, feelings and behavior. This awareness is the first and important step.
  • Express with clarity. Without fear of stigmatization share with others, family and closed friends about your feelings.
  • Emotional Journaling.
  • Buddy system – some day A is feeling okay and B is disturbed, other day it is vice-versa. Comfort and moral support to each other as per need.
  • Self care.
  • Soothing breathing exercises.
  • Chanting or prayers.
  • Rhythmic exercises-they shift the focus from emotions to body.
  • Limit contact with negative people or negative news.
  • Reframing – identify the more disturbing thoughts and replacing them with hopeful positive thoughts.
    This FIRST AID KIT is definitely going to help in ongoing pandemic psychological swings but for those who are working in high stress under pressurized conditions in continuum are more susceptible to traumatic stress and burnout(orange and red zones) and should seek professional help.

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