Dear Parents,

Perhaps …Sakshi gave us an opportunity to save her, by sharing about extreme stress levels she was going through. As per news in print media she even asked her parents to take her /call back.
Unfortunately they couldn’t sense the gravity of her mental turmoil and must have tried to manage at their level .They didn’t thought of seeking help from seniors in department and counsellors as it was kind of emergency.
Mental distress is equally rather at times more urgent than physical emergencies. How to deal with stress needs expert help.

Worse at the most she would have remained graduate or could have changed the branch /college.
If parents would have supported the choice of leaving the course in between instead of compelling her to continue sad incident could have been prevented.

To the world we are one person, to our child we are the world. When they seek support however unwise or wise their decision sound at that moment ,always try to understand their concerns more than outcomes and degrees.They need our love and support as buffers to control invisible bleeds.
Respect their decisions as
Every child is unique
Every child has different coping abilities
Every child is precious.

Nothing is going to bring Sakshi back but
She left lessons for all of us as parents.

Deep introspection and multifaceted approach in many directions is real need of time. Till others align ,parents unconditional support is like first aid.

May Sakshi rest in peace 🙏
My heartfelt condolences to bereaved family.

Pls note I do’nt want to blame anyone it’s heartbreaking for her family friends and colleagues.

Being parenting expert my only intention is to bring this perspective in every parent’s mind and sensitise them about every possibility.
My request to all young ones too please don’t hide ..share your concerns with family and friends. Together we can surely find the solutions .

No more Suicides please my mission HOPE

best regards
Dr Anju mehta mittal

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