Counseling is Not Just Talking

Hi !! everyone
Wish you are keeping yourself safe .
Today I am going to answer one quite often asked question by many people who approach me for the sessions.
How Counseling is not just talking ? How it is different ?
Dear folks !!counseling is a professional process and not a casual talk. Big difference is it is by rules confidential .Have strategic approach and not a random conversation. It is in time frame and scheduled appointment.
Counseling is towards goals which are decided during session ,meant for happier living. Casual talks have no defined goals/ set frames. In sharing with close friends or family ,length,place, and topics move here there with no fix direction. Whereas in counseling it is a process where counselor takes someone from problems towards solutions step wise. Talking can ease bottled stress but counseling is steps ahead.
Talking doesn’t require specific skills and techniques.
For counseling session counselor needs certain prescribed qualifications. This Collaboration is chargeable.
While talking with close ones, as they interpret with biases ,mindsets and attachments so might be judgemental. At times later on false labeling by them .This way person in stress might begin self doubting ,guilt,regrets thus adversely affect self esteem and confidence .
On the contrary counselors always work without bias and filters . Nonjudgemental and empathetic attitude facilitate increase in self esteem and confidence level of client irrespective of the issues .
Counseling works on confidentiality law so facilitates fearless personal shares
Talking again is on trust but equations might change in relationships so there are always chances of spillage .If goes in wrong manner, can further complicate the issues and worsen emotional /psychological stress.
To sum up counseling is not just for big issues / distress /crisis / for crazy people .It is an relieving interaction with expert who listens to your problems and then help you in mindfully practicing certain psychological tools and techniques .This way client becomes better version more aware towards his / her own and others emotions plus get equipped to live more peaceful life. To sum up I feel
it is pleasure talking with close family ,friends and others & should always be as communication makes our bonds lively, yet we need to understand that this can not substitute a counseling session as and when required.
In present trying times everyone around the globe is going through kind of pandemic psychological fatigue . This is making us more vulnerable too.
My tip to everyone is practice 3 M daily :
1 Morning prayers🙏
2 Meditation 💚🧘 and
3 Mindfulness 🙇🗣️

Negativity strictly not allowed to make nest in our strong minds.✌️🌞🤜💪
with positive wishes
Dr Anju Mehta mittal
Nurture minds studio
Aarogyam polyclinic
Jaipur .

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