dr anju

She worked as Gynecologist for more than 25 years in private sector, served at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Narayana Hrudalaya Hospital too. Currently, she is more focused on Mental Health work. Reason being why she is so empathetic about emotional pain is her own life experiences and encountering patients similar sufferings during her clinical practice. At one time, she was physically super fit, because of extreme stress and endurance she started having low back ache and radiating pain. Unfortunately, she ended up in repeated spine surgeries with mistaken diagnosis. It was too late by the time she could realize that her extreme stress had toll her physical health. No matter how much skilled and qualified you are, one can be victimized by life circumstances. So today, inspite of her physical limitation and pain she is assertive to work for good mental health. She is very much concerned about the increasing suicide numbers in students and youths. She is keen to use her clinical expertise in maternal health with focus on Maternal Mental health issues.


Her Goals

  • To spread awareness about the importance of mental health and break myths and taboos associated with it. 
  • To bring conscious changes in parenting techniques as each and every child is different and Unique, has right to choose own path. 
  • To create awareness about maternal mental health and to work for its improvement. 
  • Suicide Prevention, No more suicides please.
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